Polar Vortex

Polar Vortex

She came in like none other

Riding across the Southern towns

Rudely making her presence

At our door step

Like an unwelcome guest.


Frigid and cold in her manner

Yet, captivatingly beautiful

In stark white

She came shimmering along

Trying to win hearts over.


Floating down incessantly

She landed, stealthily

In the night

Akin to manna from heaven

A bonanza, yet frosty


She lingered on a day or two,

Wooing us with her stillness

Before she traveled North

Engulfing them with her gust

Like a hurricane.


Shining on like a crazy diamond

Never knowing who to cling to

She traveled back home

Her crystallized white attire

Cavorting around the poles once again


Still sensational from afar

Dancing across the night sky

As if celebrating the union

Of Aurora and Boreas

With her ethereal display!


Polar Vortex 2014!

Vijaya Subrahmanyam, February 24, 2014



Color is the new black

Color is the new black
Temple in Penang
A shop in Penang, Malaysia
display of hats in Penang, Malaysia
A Buddhist temple in Malaysia


dsc_0106 (2)
Albuquerque- the view from the top was colorful as was the balloon itself!
Atlanta Botanical gardens – the frog was beckoning me! 🙂
Savannah, during Thanksgiving season is beautiful and full of color
chicago from the top
Chicago – the view from above is just as colorful as the view from the ground!
Nature – this was at Univ of Chicago.
Buildings and designs have always fascinated me as have their colors and shadows. Do the architects think of the shadows as they design these or is it happenstance? This was in Chicago when we took the Architectural tour…
Should we focus on that glass building in a shade of green or the shadows?
dsc_0714 (2)
On a recent trip to Santiago, Chile, this was a Turkish store but the lights and colors just captured my attention
A restaurant in Santiago..
Patio Bellavista in Santiago.. the design is made of colored stones
Street art in Santiago – Ave. Listeria.. this was for my daughter Pooja who loves birds and animals of any kind (not so much humans, she tells me) 🙂
dsc_0785 (2)
Chipe Libre, a restaurant/bar in Santiago.. I loved the way the colors stood out in the bar..
dsc_0862 (2)
Valparaiso, Chile.. the steps contrasted with the flowers just were waiting to be photographed
dsc_0864 (2)
Street art, Valparaiso, Chile
dsc_0874 (2)
Sculptures, street art all merged with nature here – Valparaiso, Chile
dsc_0985 (2)
A restaurant in Santiago, Chile
color is the new black
Stairways always fascinate me and this one was in Goa at one of the Lemontree hotels..
color is the new black2
A restaurant in Goa
goa abstract1
Goa, across the restaurant was this art work in color alongside stain glass windows
goa abstract2
A home in Goa
goa- lights on the street
This was in Goa but the red, white and blue captured my attention. Must be the American in me! 🙂
hyderabad near charminar
Hyderabad, near Mecca Masjid
This is where I got the caption which actually got my attention – Macy’s at San Francisco.. as are the pictures below
macys-v-1-2 (1 of 1)
San Francisco
macys-v-2 (1 of 1)
San Francisco
nyc cabs
While the yellow cabs may be a pain for the rest of NYC, the color they added to the buildings and roads in NYC fascinates me
nyc- listening to sax at e state
At the top of the Empire State Building in NYC is this very colorful viewing room with this great musician that I enjoyed
nyc- shirts
nyc-macys bags
Macy’s – I am terrible at buying handbags as my girlfriends remind me often, but  I  do enjoy photographing them!
Of the colors just were just so captivating..
patterns in blue-green
One of the buildings in NYC
trip to nyc-vpmba- oct2012 1892
v-architecture 2 color (1 of 1)
These are buildings next to the WTC in NYC
v-yellow and black 2 (1 of 1)
A construction site in one of the NYC buildings
yellow-black patterns
Colors in one of the NYC buildings




All is quiet, too quiet

They are at play.

All is still, too still.


You take a peek,

Unable to resist.

You watch them

Create a world

Of their own

With paper, hands and color.


Wonderment and imagination

Of puppies and cars

And superman wars.

In a world of their own

Playing, enjoying,

Not needing you.


Yet, you need them

The noise, the chaos

Seems orderly now

Feels unnatural,

This quiet house.


You miss the sound of little feet

And the little figures that snuggle up

In the midst of your sleep

For your warmth and protection

And unbeknownst offer you

Comfort beyond definition


The world you imagined

All quiet and still

Ceases to exist.

In your house

In your mind….


Is that your child?

Or is it your imagination

In this world that you created?


Vijaya Subrahmanyam, 2007

When humanity dies..

When humanity dies..

A sad reflection upon us

In this world

That we created.

When did we become so inhuman

To take out our youngest ones

Without qualms or reason?

Power shrouded in the name of religion

Creating new rules for this new world

That we cease to recognize.

That we cease to like.


Each nation blaming the other

While killing their own senselessly,

Starting with the youngest

Without doubt or misgivings.

All for a drop of oil!


Creating new rules

That we have learned to adapt.

That we are forced to like.


Where is that little voice in our head?

And the heart, that is all forgiving?

As the world cries in despair

For those who we bury prematurely

As other young ones give up theirs


Shrouded in the name of patriotism

Shrouded in the name of God!


Vijaya (2014)


At the killing of kids in Pakistan

The uniformed message

The uniformed message

Sitting on the highway

Listening to the radio

Stuck in traffic

With other commuters.


I look around

Impatience and weariness

On most faces

Anxious to get home

To see their loved ones?

I wonder..


Some on cell phones, others reading

Eating, putting on make-up

Others listening to the radio

Like me.


Another killing in Fallujah

In far away Iraq

I hear; as the radio continues on.

What were his thoughts,

Waiting for the enemy

In a bunker or tanker?


Was he anxious to come home

To his loved ones?

Impatient and weary?!

Yet, he did not scream or blow horns.


Lay there quietly in his trench

Waiting to defend us.

All of his 18 years

Passing before his eyes


His breathless body

Now downed.

We still see a calmness

On his face.

What does he tell us?

I wonder!


Vijaya Subrahmanyam (2007)

The muse

The muse

He plays with colors

Discovering the wonders

Of red, yellow and black

Splashing and rejoicing

In their splendor

Childlike again.


His mood blending in

With the season

Spring, with its abundance

Of joy, color and mirth

Liberating mind and body

Unbeknownst to him.


His hands click

In measured missteps


A sapling, a hatchling

His darling girl…


With her pout

Her gait, her zest

That tugs at him

As he captures

Candid moments

As if to freeze time.


Vivid imagery he envisions

Of present and past

As she communes with nature

Playing (with light)

At dawn

Bringing forth

New awakenings…


Raptured, he remains

By her squeals in delight

As the sand tickles her feet

And the tide rolls out..

Earth’s invitation

To experience and imbibe

The world before her…


Unearthing history

Alongside her father

Uncovering Nature

And its creatures ..

She reaches deep down

As he explores new heights.


Her tresses now scattered..

By the windblown waves

Stills his meandering mind

Rising unabated passion

In his restless soul

That finds respite

Behind the lens

In her simple

Untainted world.


His soul renewed

He casts his worries

Like shells upon the shore..

The noises within

Drowned by the ocean roar

He sits beside her

In dangling conversations

Nurturing his drink,

  Relishing his child.


Her now languorous expression

Falling like autumn leaves on

Unrippled waters, resting,

Receding with the ocean

As the moon comes up

Bringing forth rising tides

And the promise of dawn

With all its color and ardor…

It shall be Spring again!

Vijaya Subrahmanyam (2013)

PC: Pramod Reddy


Beauty (Un)noticed

A little while back, I was driving to work and these geese decided to stroll across the road in their own leisurely pace with no concern about cars piled up 🙂 We just had to sit and watch them wade across and then take off in a V formation.. gorgeous sight.. I wrote this that day  🙂 A friend, Anshula Tayal had taken this picture for similar reasons 🙂 49820718_10215651847943522_6855658129661624320_n

Their sway entices us

As we watch them

One at a time

Walking across

As if in rehearsed steps.


They stop us in our tracks

As we wait and watch

In admiration

As they sway their hips

Full of beauty and grace


Our patience held

By their slender bodies

Sharp features

And admirable poise

As they coast across….


They soar as if on a mission

Clearing the path ahead

Our eyes follow them

As they drift high above us

In unison.


Heading together

With determination

In v-shaped patterns above

Honking in encouragement

Thrusting each other forward.


With a single mindedness

To reach their destination

And enjoy the warmth

Drifting across nations


They stop by each year

For a visit

As if, a distant relative

From a far-away land

Canadian Geese

They sure are grand!